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StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd & Gehua Chain: Help each Chinese Earn Digital Assets

Recently, StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd, a blockchain organization based in Canada, has announced an strategic partnership with Gehua Chain, a professional CDN sharing platform in China, with its product starbridge chain having announced strategic cooperation concluded with Tianjin Gehua Networking Technology Company. Subsequently, with established achievements of two parties in blockchain, they will combine ICO and C2C trading wallets into Gehua Chain Route, a product under Tianjin Gehua for stronger development. This indicates the first cooperation of two parties on network hardware technology, and will further help establish TSD sharing ecology and create a harmonious collaborative future.

StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd, as the digital currency technology supporter for Gehua Chain, will be dedicated to pushing healthy development of blockchain together with Gehua Chain, and building a CND sharing based TSD sharing ecology.

StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd, is a blockchain service provider that focuses on offering ICO solutions and services including ICO wallets and exchange construction. and also delivering various enterprise solutions including distributed book-keeping wallet and proprietary digital currency, etc.

Gehua Chain, a CDN content sharing platform independently developed by Tianjin Gehua by deriving from blockchain underlying technology, is aimed to act as a bridge for computer resources and become an advanced blockchain technology that integrates P2P distribution, smart contract and unique encryption algorithm, thereby driving CDN content sharing and distribution network into a brand new level, and bringing safer and stabler CDN content sharing service. Users can share computer resources such as idle bandwidth, electricity and storage space through Gehua Chain Router, and obtain and share “Digital currency” with equal weights through IMO.

This cooperation means the first step for StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd to enter Chinese digital currency and blockchain market. As a holder for blockchain underlying technologies, StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd is always advocating that “people should have their own digital currency at lower threshold”. In this cooperation, StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd will provide various blockchain underlying technologies and power for research and development, in order to further expand IMO-based Gehua Chain platform and to completing building of a basic platform and optimization of use scenarios, and also after Gehua Chain Router, the first network hardware based on blockchain concept, is launched, provide supports and helps for developing IMO terminal providing technologies, such as GPU router, which are in Gehua Chain’s later plans.

Additionally, taking current operation in Gehua Chain, StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd has built a blockchain technology based distributed bookkeeping wallet, with powerful function, that can provide fast trading service at very low cost, fully protect user privacy and support transfers between sharing users, thereby further optimizing user experience. Furthermore, through distributed bookkeeping wallet technology, StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd will build its own exchange for providing direct trading channels for users, in order to help trades in and exchanges between Gehua Coins, various ICO tokens, Bitcoin and Ethereum, increasing available trading scenarios.

On technology, by combining Gehua Chain’s fog computing technology, and VPN that uses blockchain and fogging based global P2P, StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd provides P2P VPN services for users with limited network accessibility in China South Korea and Cuba, to connect global starbridge chain users, fully realizing information sharing between users and ensuring fairness and security of trading.

The powerful deal between StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd and Tianjin Gehua will definitely the first step for them to secure a place in Chinese blockchain market. Next, two parties will further adhere to the idea that “let each Chinese own their own digital assets”, by offering IMO terminals like Gehua Chain Router with low selling prices and high returns, to help each user own his/her digital assets easily and conveniently, and also to enhance profits earned by each user in the current context of digital currency and blockchain bonus, through powerful wallet tool and functional trading channels that are to expand users’ ability for realizing digital currency into cashes.

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