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Leading the New Trend of Post-market Service, CIAACE 2018 Opens Grandly

(Senmer News Wire)On March 3, 2018, the 3rd Session of Automobile Service Equipment& Service Chain, Automobile Wash Exhibition of the 26th China International Auto Articles Exhibition (CIAACE2018 hereinafter) hosted by Yasn International Exhibition Co., Ltd. opens grandly at Beijing·China International Exhibition Centre (New Pavilion).

Yasn chairman Xie Yu made the opening speech

As a large international comprehensive exhibition with the largest scale, the most authority and influence in China that stretches out the post-market of automobiles, in this exhibition, there are 16 major pavilions with an area of 250,000m2, over 7,000 exhibitors from all over the world, 220,000 products, over 20,000 newly-published products and over 20 concurrent events. It is estimated that there will be 300,000 professional audiences attending. The four-day exhibition will start the wealth drama of China post-market of automobiles in 2018.

Exhibits Cover the Full Industrial Chain, Enjoy Top Global Resources

According to all the aspects from scale, covering range of exhibits to concurrent events, the Yasn Exhibition in Beijing of this year is undoubtedly the grandest one with the best quality. In order to combine the developing trends of post-market of automobiles, audience demands, industrial integration, ecological innovation and aspects alike, more innovative attempts have been made in planning of exhibition positions. This exhibition expands the category of each subdivision field of the terminal market, including cosmetology and maintenance, sunblock membrane, window membrane, stamping injection, tires, electronics, interiors, outdoors, boutiques, etc. In order to make the one-stop purchase at stores convenient, categories, including automobile insurance, oil, vulnerable parts, oil, car washing, individual parts, are added. In addition, there are technical service, talent output, profiting projects and store management and training activities, comprehensively providing more innovative thoughts for terminal operators.

It is worth mentioning that there are international brand pavilions for cosmetology and maintenance. Advanced international innovative products, technology and service from dozens of countries including Germany, America, Japan and South Korea are exhibited right in front of you. The challenge round of protective film for lacquer surface gathers the top technicians in the industry and high-quality products, excellent brands and professional judges jointly promote the site competition of protective film for lacquer surface. Meanwhile, there is a newly-added special zone for famous Chinese brands of tires, showing the developing trend of the full industrial chain from multiple perspectives including product, technology, resource, trend and mode and comprehensively promoting the communication and integration of more industrial resources at home and abroad.

Quantity of New Products Are Firstly Published at the Exhibition and Comprehensively Exhibit the New Industrial Trend

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New product launch

The fierce competition of innovative products, the most up-to-date technology, advanced equipment and practical projects not only promotes the reform in the global automobile industry but also becomes the new developing direction of Chinese automobile industry. There are over 20,000 kinds of new products being firstly published on site in the exhibition to comprehensively exhibit the high-quality automobile boutiques, technical equipment for automobile cosmetology and maintenance and electronic technological automobile products in the current world. There are thousands of new products of various categories in this exhibition, which influences consumers’ use habits to a great extent and leads the new developing trend of the post-market of automobiles.

Master the Market Pulse, Focus on New Industrial Ecology

Technician Challenge

With the changing industrial development environment and reform of vertical industrial development, 2018 Yasn Exhibition in Beijing leads up to change at an appropriate time. Apart from exhibition of products, technology, projects and profits, there is also the challenging round of talent training technicians, the new industrial ecology is reconstructed in the diversified layout.

The serial industrial exhibition of “Small Industry, Big Project” that is created by Yasn Exhibition in Beijing with every effort jointly exports the small profiting projects that were scattered, non-systematic and non-comprehensive. There are large repair, micro repair, technical demonstration and service training at the exhibition area of stamping injection. In order to facilitate the profitability of terminal stores from the source of car wash, there is an exhibition booth for car wash at the car wash pavilion of Pavilion W6 with intelligent car wash equipment, replacement of purchase by rent of washed cars, platform management of car wash service and other full-set solutions to car wash, which creates new modes with one-stop service. In order to combine the developing problems of full-channel chain of the automobile insurance industry, Yasn Exhibition in Beijing firstly proposes to create the rent platform of automobile insurance equipment.

Over 20 Major Events, Implementation of Practical Marketing Training

At the exhibition, besides the brand new industrial products and profiting innovative projects, there are also over 20 high-quality concurrent events exquisitely prepared by Yasn Group, such as “Trend Launch of Post-market of Automobiles in China 2018” that analyzes the new policy of the industry and publishes the authoritative industrial data, “The 5th Factory Workshop of Carload&the 1st Session of 1st Council of Automobile Enterprise Alliance of Automobile Articles” that breaks through the performance bottleneck of high-quality sales, “The 5th Summit of Chinese Car Washing Industry” that shares the new operation thoughts of the terminal car wash industry, “Purchase Pair Conference of National 4S Groups 2018 (Beijing)” that integrates the bi-lateral demands of 4S and manufacturers and improves the new profit points, “Marketing Summit of Vehicle Intelligent Network Terminals” that integrates the automobile electronic industrial chain resources and helps enterprises to search for new thoughts. There are also dozens of concurrent events held by enterprises, including launch of new products and exchange conference of agencies, which are various in forms and abundant in contents.

Hundreds of Medias Show Concerns Broadly, Represent the Comprehensive Exhibition in an Overall View

The improvement of brand influence is closely related to the promotion of medias. Hundreds of mainstream medias like Xinhuanet.com, people.com.cn, Science and Technology Daily, Guangming Daily, CNR, Global Times, China Economic Times, Chinanews.com, Internet Info Agency, auto.ifeng.com, haiwainet.cn, toutiao.com, auto.qq.com, auto.sohu.com, auto.youku.com, hc360.com, iczsq.com, and 360qc.com are present. Additionally, with the broad concern and spreading of TV stations, traffic radio, print magazines, websites and we-media, the on-site grand view of the four-day Yason Exhibition in Beijing is to be represented in an overall view. The force of medias promotes brand enterprises to share the top global resources and jointly promote the prosperous development of post-market industry of automobiles.

Faced with the current market environment, layout of supply and demand, industrial policy and business mode, participants are promoted to innovate continuously. The Yasn Exhibition in Beijing 2018 represents the brand new operation pattern of the post-market of automobiles for the industry, achieves the enterprises’ ambition of cooperation and win-win outcome. Through promoting the industrial structure optimization of the post-market of automobiles, we will step into the brand new era along with the automobile industry.

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