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Junk Removal Alleviates Lines at Seattle, Kent Area Dumps

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Bringing junk to a local dump can be a time-consuming and difficult hassle. People often find long lines to get into dumps and transfer stations, as well as complicated and confusing rules and high fees.

Junk removal services like those from $99 Junk Removal are helping alleviate some of those pressure points for customers and dumps alike. $99 Junk Removal serves Seattle,Kent, Tukwila, Auburn, Des Moines and many other cities in the Puget Sound region.

The types of services that come from a company like $99 Junk Removal include residential and commercial clean ups, as well as estate clean ups. These companies do the heavy lifting and allow their customers to avoid a trip to the dump. This is great for customers, but also for dumps, as these companies understand the rules and regulations for making a haul and can get through the process more quickly than the average customer.

Transfer stations and dumps can be complicated to navigate. They have rules regarding what can be disposed of and recycled. For example, it is not possible to get rid of computers and computer parts, liquids, explosives and other prohibited items. Recyclables also have to be treated differently. Clean recyclables can get reused or donated. That is part of the work $99 Junk Removal does. They give back to the Puget Sound community by donating to charities and organization that help people in the region.

Junk can clutter up a home or business and even make places unusable. It is important to get rid of junk, especially things that contain hazardous materials. Even household light bulbs may contain mercury that is too dangerous to dispose of conventionally. Such materials have to be carefully handled so that harmful materials don’t get into groundwater and soil.

As more people move away from going to the dump themselves, the prominence of companies that can do junk removal for residences and commercial businesses is growing. Such businesses can help customers and the city’s dumps and transfer stations as well, ensuring the entire system runs a little smother and items that can be used are.

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