Canada’s Cell Phone Unlocking Specialist is Still in Business

(Sate News) Oshawa, Ontario- Canada Unlocking is a company that is helping Canadian customers get the most out of their cellphones. However, with new bans on unlocking fees requiringnetwork providers to unlock phones for free, some customers wonder if Canada Unlocking will still be of use to consumers. Despite the new laws, Canada Unlocking will still get business and will still have cell-users in need of their services.

Unlocking is the act of removing any carrier or network restrictions from a mobile phone. Customers do this for several reasons. Some people want the ability to switch cell-service providers and keep their original phone. Others want the ability to use foreign SIM cards on their phones so that while they’re traveling they can avoid high roaming fees. The convenience of an unlocked phone is what entices customers to go through the process, and companies like Canada Unlocking are providing this highly desired service.


In Canada, as of December2017, policy changes have been implemented that require service providers to unlock their mobile phones for free. However, many carriers have made the process difficult, requiring proof of original ownership and an existing account in good standing, not to mention long queues and wait times. There have been many reports on social media where the carrier has outright refused to unlock a phone due to these specific requirements not being met by the customer. Additionally, Service providers only have access to the network unlock code, whereas many popular phones require unfreeze codes and master codes which the carriers are unable to provide. Canada unlocking has the resources to unlock even these harder to unlock phones that require additional codes and troubleshooting steps. Furthermore, all service providers refuse to unlock phones that are on the national blacklist whereas Canada Unlocking is often able to to unlock even blacklisted phones (for international use). This small caveat will ensure that CanadaUnlocking still has a portion of theCanadian unlocking business.Despite having to pay afee, many loyal customers prefer to use CanadaUnlocking because they see the value in getting added convenience,reliability, superior technical support and a guaranteed solution. will lose some of their Canadian customers, however, phone unlocking is still a much needed service locally and internationally. Canada Unlocking is making sure to keep their brand alive by expanding their services internationally. If a consumer wants to buy a phone in the USA or overseas, and use it in Canada, CanadaUnlocking is still the first choice for Canadians. Additionally,expanding internationally means that they will be offering unlocking servicescatered to over 90 countries around the world, including the US, UK, Ireland, France, and Spain.

So, the new CRTC ban isn’t the end of Canada Unlocking. They seem to be using it as an opportunity to branch out into other territories while still being there for their existing clients who still need their unlocking services when their carrier refuses. They can permanently unlock any phone to be used with any carrier around the world, and such a service can’t be easily dismissed.

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