2018 Blockchain Market Will Outburst, AIC Will Lead the Field Develop

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In 2018,the coin field situation change sharply ,after many time change, Novice investors and master still stand up .

March 12, 2018 (Senmer News Wire) – If Blockchain is the revolution that deserved us to embrace .AIC must be a platform that you choose to enter this new world.

It is known that AIC full name is Agro-Industry Chain, agricultural industry global chain, which is a smart chain platform that global advanced Hyper Ledger Fabric blockchain technology, aiming to establish a international agricultural products information sharing platform.

As people know that Mining naturally is the first thing in the blockchain game .At the beginning mining is few geek players rights .but now become thousands of players new darlings. Mining is allocated in every corner of the world .BTC price increases every day. Due to BTC market is hot, blockchain game become capital new direction to break through.

As the up-rising star ,AIC takes Ethereum ERC20 as a standard, and use PBFT high consensus algorithm ,combing smart contract .The platform can absolutely solve out the information equivalence issue , so that can be decantation as well as de-intermediary .

Based on the strong technology supporting , AIC behind team shouldn’t be underestimated. AIC is researched and developed by England NEXTGEN team .The technique team has Tahir Rocco Team Manager which likes Imperial College London first class master degree and also has senior software engineer Richard Sarkis etc field top talents as well as strong capacity and rich experience operation team,can provide powerful guarantee for the platform on the capital ,technology and manpower .

James Whittier

James Whittier

James Whittier is a former Senior Fellow at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University, is an award-winning travel, culture, and parenting writer.

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